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wp-o-matic Quick Duplicate Post Fix

If u are reading this post you probably have problem using wp-o-matic regarding the posts duplicates. Lots of duplicates pop up when wp-o-matic creates new posts.

The elegant and simple solution is found and presented below. Instead of fixing wp-o-matic plugin the wordpress file post.php will be changed.

Here is how it works:

- Open up wp-includes/post.php
- Find following line at roughly line 703:

if ($post_name_check || in_array($post_name, $wp_rewrite->feeds) ) {

- After this insert new line of code:

return 0;

- Save
- Done!

Do not forget to make backup before.

The posts are never created because of a dupliacte title restriction. Normally wordpress would just add -1, -2, … and so on. Instead our patch just skips the post and moves on.

There will be only 1 post with the same title in the database, no duplicates.

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