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Opent wpomatic.php, Replace With Next Code Replace with You also can empty table wp_wpo_campaign_post table to start over the autoblog.

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Plugin Directory and URL in WordPress

Using PHP functions to find the directory and url of current script might give you wrong result. However, there is a better way in WordPress to find plugin directory and URL.

Recently I had a task to cut off the piece of content from the post displaing on front page. To resolve it, the wordpress function get_the_content() is defined. In order to fully undestand what we are talking about, review next code: Using this method the html tags, which presented in original code, are deleted. To […]

To print out the post with specified field/value we have to find the main loop to display the posts and add query_posts() function, as showed below.

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Remove Symbol [...] From Post Excerpt

If in the current WordPress template the announcements are outputed by the_excerpt() function and the excerpt field is not filled, than we can watch the symbol [...]. In order to get rid of this symbol, you would only need to insert next code in the functions.php of your theme.

Replace [...] By Link ‘Read More’

Should you need to replace [...] by link ‘Read More’, you would only need to create next function in ‘popular’ functions.php file.

Highlight Last Post

There may be a need for a special appearance of the first post (for example, when you need to make a completely different design from the other posts), whether the main page, the archives, search, etc. This problem is solved by adding the special CSS-class with a simple PHP-code. Initially, we have next standard wordpress […]

Highlight First Post

Sometimes we have a need to highlight the first post in loop of main page, archive page or search page and apply different style for it. This output can be implemented by using special CSS class and simple php code. Originally we have the regular loop to output our posts:

Add Content to RSS Feed

Code for inserting your own content to every RSS Feed of WordPress based blog is very simple It can be usefull for inserting ads or banners. Include the code must in functions.php of your theme.

Exclude Categories From RSS

If for some reasons we have to exclude one or several categories from RSS, it can be done this way. Insert into functions.php next code.

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