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Exclude Categories From RSS

If for some reasons we have to exclude one or several categories from RSS, it can be done this way. Insert into functions.php next code.

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Display Excerpt With Fixed Number of Words

We might have a situation, when we need to display the excerpt with the fixed number of world. To achieve that, create the next function in functions.php of the current theme:

Replace Content in All Posts

Let’s imagine we have to replace in all posts of wordpress the chunk of text at once, or highlite the word, or put the link, etc. To edit every post might take a long time. There is an elegant and simple solution to achieve the task.

List of The Most Commented Posts

Archived; click post to view. Excerpt: As you know the number of installed plugins affects the loading blog time. To display most commented posts without any plugin insert next code into template files (index.php, sidebar.php and so on.) 5 in line 2 is number of links displayed! Another Way Next code looks more elegant. <?php […]

Disable Default WordPress Widgets

To deactivate the unneccessary default WordPress Widgets just insert next code in your functions.php file of your current theme. The following code should be adjusted depending on your needs;

Remove Autolinks in Comments

To remove automatic links of urls in comments, simply open your functions.php file and paste the following code: Now you can say bye to to spammy links in comments.

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